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This is the provisional concept specification for the forthcoming TOLEM unit - a stereo device designed as an "all in one" solution for complete master level management of a sound system.

It manages average loudness levels, maximum loudness levels and maximum bass levels in one single unit, while maintaining a transparent and clean audio path with minimal compromise in dynamic range of the signal.

The TOLEM maintains a consistent average loudness level at a preset threshold using our unique LEVELIZA system to slowly ride the system gain back as necessary.

Short term excessive levels (overdrive) that are significantly above threshold are managed by our new NOPE LIMITER. The NOPE LIMITER quickly reduces the gain tightly around the dynamic envelope of any overdrive levels to prevent the loudness exceeding a preset headroom above the LEVELIZA threshold. The NOPE LIMITER is designed to control short term overdrive levels in a way that is audibly as transparent as possible before releasing as the overdrive subsides.

If the overdrive remains for a longer period then the LEVELIZA will gradually pull back the system gain while the NOPE LIMITER gradually releases, thereby transferring out of the NOPE LIMITER and back into control of the LEVELIZA so that the system gain is now correct for the new signal level and dynamic range is fully restored.

The unit has an OVERLYSER circuit that analyses overdrive signals. If it notices a sustained 10 second or more duration where a consistent music signal is significantly overdriven it will trigger the transfer of gain reduction from the NOPE LIMITER to the LEVELIZA more quickly to correct the system gain. However, it will not do this if it deems the overdrive component of the signal to be dynamic instruments or samples or loud MCs, etc, in which case it will not hasten the LEVELIZA to adjust system gain back but will just let the NOPE LIMITER manage the overdrive instead.

A BASSWATCH circuit monitors the maximum sub and bass level output of the TOLEM below 100hz and prevents these bass levels exceeding a preset maximum. This has no affect on content over 100hz, it just flat line reduces the content below 100hz when necessary with very discrete and transparent gain reduction, and it does this without any audible compression or limiting or pumping of the bass.