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  • Battlebass

The Battlebass is an exceptionally high power active bass speaker system.

Capable of truly extreme sound pressures and heavyweight sub response, a totally unique and formidable monster for uncompromised bass and sub performance.

Designed to maintain an outstanding audio performance regardless of how hard it is being driven!

The BATTLEBASS features:

• Low pass filter so that it can be run from a full range signal.
• Unique analogue signal processing that helps the unit to make the most of the music, producing a really
heavyweight, dynamic and accurate sound that is a pleasure to listen to.
• Unique dynamic processing system so that when the unit is overdriven, when many units would otherwise struggle,
the BATTLEBASS comes into its own and manages its signal and headroom so that it can consistently perform at
100% all night long without compromising sound quality or reliability.
• Our own unique overbuilt class H bipolar power amplifiers with 7KW RMS / 15KW peak output - for effortless
delivery of the high continuous current demands of many modern music basslines - this is a point of performance
failure in many of today's lightweight amplifiers.
• Two huge high power drivers of over 21 inches overall diameter with additional active cooling.
• The units are all carefully hand built and tested in small quantities in our UK workshops, using only top quality

Dimensions: width, Höhe, Tiefe: 1250 x 650 x 1200mm + Rollen
Weight: 202 KG
Mounting hardware: M20 on top
Frequency Response: 25-160Hz
Frequency: Can run from full range signal due to inbuilt low pass filter.
Typical peak SPL output@1m: single BATTLEBASS approx 150db, much higher SPL achievable with multiple units. .
Power requirement: 230 V AC, typically between 4 to 20 amps depending on music signal and output level
Audio connections: Signal via XLR in & link out
Power connections: 20A PowerCon
Controls on rear: Input gain adjustment & power switches
Amplifier: Our own unique heavyweight bipolar class H amplifiers -7 KW RMS, 15 KW Peak
Display on rear: green signal present indicator / Red high level signal indicator / Red power on indicator.